WaterQualityWatch -- Continuous Real-Time Water Quality of Surface Water in the United States

Real-Time Water Temperature, in °C

Map of , showing which states provide real-time computed water-quality data
01115187 01184000 01194500 411626072514501 01191000 410606073245700 01194750 01194796 411513072512301 01186000 01127768 410724073221001 410757073165601 410613073215801 411940071590300 410729073171701 410502073236000 01208837 Explanation

* Site operated on a seasonal basis or currently is not operating.
No values are available for the last 6 hours.

The "Real-time" map tracks short-term changes (over several hours) of water quality. Although the general appearance of the map changes very little from one hour to the next, individual sites may change rapidly in response to major rain events or to reservoir releases. The data used to produce this map are provisional.