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Stage-discharge relations (ratings) are usually developed from a graphical analysis of numerous discharge measurements. Measurements are made on various schedules and sometimes for different purposes. All discharge measurements are compiled and maintained in a data base. Each measurement is carefully made, and undergoes quality assurance review. Some measurements indicate a temporary change in the rating, often due to a change in the streambed (for example, erosion or deposition) or growth of riparian vegetation. Such changes are called shifts; they may indicate a short- or long-term change in the rating for the gage. In normal usage, the measured shifts (or corrections) are applied mathematically to a defined rating.

The tables being provided are shift corrected, incorporating the mathematical adjustments for ease of use by the user. The shift adjustments are applied to the individual ratings as measured data becomes available, resulting in an adjusted rating. Some ratings may change as often as weekly, others may not change for months or years.


The stage-discharge rating provided in this file should be considered provisional and subject to change. Stage-discharge ratings change over time as the channel features that control the relation between stage and discharge vary. Users are cautioned to consider carefully the applicability of this rating before using it for decisions that concern personal or public safety or operational consequences.