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Streamflow -- Water Year 2022

The maps and graphs in this summary describe national streamflow conditions for water year 2022 (October 1, 2021, to September 30, 2022) in the context of streamflow ranks relative to the 93-year period of water years 1930–2022.

2022 water-year summary

Duration Hydrograph with backdrop of monthly flow percentiles

Present a time-history streamflow along with backdrop of monthly-flow percentiles.

Duration Hydrograph and click to view a large image with more options

Streamflow Map

View all streamflow condition maps in a seamless way. Provide tools for quick zooming, panning, and full screen. Search USGS streamgages easily by state, huc, and site name and number.

Dynamic map

Streamgage Dashboard

Collection of WaterWatch popular streamflow analysis tools for a streamgage.

WaterWatch streamgage dashboard

State Streamflow Dashboard

Collection of WaterWatch streamflow analysis tools for a state.

WaterWatch state-streamflow Analysis

Map Shapefile

Download WatrWatch streamflow condition maps in shapefiles.

Map shapefile download

Map Data

Download WatrWatch map data in various formats such as XML and KML.

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