USGS WaterWatch Toolkit

Streamflow Conditions Map Builder

streamflow mapThis builder is used to customize the streamflow conditions maps in size and color.

State Google Map Builder

Google mapA Google Maps version of the streamflow conditions map can be created in users web sites.

Rating Curve Builder

rating curverThe rating curve builder is used to create a USGS streamflow rating curve. The rating table is from the USGS ratings depot. Field measurements can also be appended to the curve.

Flood Table Builder

Google MapThis tool summarizes the flood and high flow conditions for a state or a region for a given time period. Tables and Google Maps are used to summarize conditions and to show locations, respectively.

Streamgage Statistics Retrieval Tool

stat_n_durationThe "streamgage statistics" retrieval tool provides a list of basic summary statistics and duration graph for the selected streamgage, as computed from daily values, for the period of record.

Duration Hydrograph Builder

The builder is used to present a time-history of streamflow for the past two years along with historical streamflow percentiles for individual streamgages.

Streamflow Map Animation Builder

man animationThis tool is to create a streamflow map animation for a time period for real-time streamflow and flood-and-high flow maps, respectively.

Hydrologic Unit Runoff Maps

runoff mapHydrologic unit runoff and runoff condition maps since 1901 are available.

Runoff Hydrograph

Monthly, quarterly, and annual HUC runoff time-seris plots are avialable in a HUC area and a state.

Flood Tracking Chart

A URL is provided to create flood-tracking chart which shows current state, recent peak stage, historical highest peaks, and flood stage.

AHPS River Forecast

AHPS river forcast chart can be assessed by a USGS station number.

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